The “Albanian Commercial Union” aims to be a dedicated space where its members exchange ideas, approaches to the market, local and central policies, which further are consolidated, monitored and followed rigorously in any institution, organization or other stakeholders with significant impact on the business climate in the country.

ACU in accordance with its objectives offers the following services:

– Lobbying for legal and financial issues with an impact on the distribution, retail and market in general;
– Network activities with senior representatives of central and local government;
– Participation in local and international activities;
– Business Forums, Seminars and Conferences, local and international;
– Financial, legal, administrative and other assistance in the areas;
– Participation in projects and programs supporting its members;
– B2B meetings;
– Identification of business partners in cooperation with foreign organizations, economic attachés and embassies present in the country;
– Participation in roundtables
– Participation in the General Assembly Meeting