The “Albanian Commercial Union” main purpose is to protect the interests of distributors and retailers.

Objectives and scope of activity of ACU are:

  • to represent and protect rights and interests of distributors and retailers and entrepreneurs in general in relation to the state administration and other public and private institutions.
  • to serve as a promoter of the solidarity of entrepreneurs with business activity in distribution and retail, to the development of free and fair competition.
  • to promote legislative initiatives for the improvement of legislation in the field of economy, finance, taxation, customs and other related fields directly or indirectly to the activity of the members of the Association.
  • to serve as a promoter of public – private dialogue and partnership with state institutions, in order to protect the interests of entrepreneurs.
  • to propose strategies and policies related to its activity.
  • to organize sensitizing activities and conferences where are dealt issues faced by the Albanian entrepreneurs.
  • to provide service and assistance to its members (financial, legal, administrative) as well as to design, and manage projects and programs in these areas, in support of its members